Introducing Rosé Cask Finish.

Penelope Rosé Cask Finish is part of our Cooper Series (Cask Finishes) and is our annual Summer Release.  We’ve married our signature four grain blend of three bourbon mash bills with hand-selected French Grenache Rosé Wine Casks from the Southern Rhône region to bring together a truly unique alliance of flavor.  Available in limited supplies every year starting in July.

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Tasting notes

  • Aroma

    Candied fruit, caramel and vanilla

  • Body Notes

    Sweet and refreshing hints of vanilla and viscous cream

  • Forward Notes

    Creamy sweetness transitions from the forward notes and into the body, herbal, floral and cream

  • Finish

    Rich leather and good heat with floral and botanical lingering notes

Bourbon Facts

  • Type

    Four Grain
    Straight Bourbon Whiskey
    94 Proof
    Non Chill-Filtered

  • Process

    Blend of 3 bourbon mash bills comprised of four grains (Corn, Wheat, Rye, and Malted Barley)

  • Age/Barrel Char

    3-4 Years Old
    #4 Staves, #2 Heads

  • Mash Bill

    75% Corn
    15% Wheat
    7% Rye
    3% Malted Barley

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